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Integrated Annual Report (IAR)

Value report 2021


Natural capital
Social and relational capital
Productive and Intellectual Capital
Human capital
The Business Model
Financial capital
Materiality analysis

Methodological note

The drafting of the 2021 IAR took into account the main international standards and frameworks on sustainability reporting. In particular, the definition of the contents of the IAR 2021 took place in accordance with the GRI Standards guidelines ( talian-translations/) issued by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which is the main standard setter in terms of sustainability reporting. Adherence to the GRI Standards model was carried out through recourse to the "Core" method, particularly appreciated internationally, as it is able to summarize the main information useful for understanding factors such as the nature of the organization, its material topics , their impacts and their management.

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    La Lucente SpA presents its first IAR 2021 (Integrated Annual Report), choosing to direct its development strategies in harmony with ESG objectives, in the awareness that the pursuit of these targets is the right path for the development of a business model sustainable and perspective.

    La Lucente has chosen to adopt a proactive approach in order to start an accountability process aimed at publishing the first Integrated Annual Report (IAR). IAR 2021 represents the natural continuation of a virtuous path that has always distinguished the company, whose activities have constantly taken into consideration the need to operate through an ethical and sustainable development model. Furthermore, the choice also originates in the desire to converge towards an advanced reporting system capable of promoting full integration between financial reporting and the main ESG indicators of interest to La Lucente and its stakeholders.