Lucente SpA makes networking a competitive value, adhering to the main ones network e industry associations

As regards the network developed with the national industry associations, La Lucente is one of the founding members of Confindustria, as well as on the board of ANIP-Confindustria (National Association of Cleaning and Integrated Services Companies), and member ANIDs (National Association of Pest Control Companies), UNIFerr (National Union of Companies carrying out Cleaning and Integrated Railway Services activities) e IFMA Italy (International Facility Management Association).

A broader look European breath

Over the years, Lucente SpA has embarked on a broader international and European path, becoming a member of the European consortium ECS - European Customer Synergy, a pan-European company based in Brussels with a turnover of 4 billion and over 135.000 employees throughout Europe: an opportunity to network and create synergies between the main sector companies in the Union with the aim of providing customers with integrated solutions and a complete suite of facility management services, in compliance with the sustainability standards recognized by the community international, creating alliances for a sustainable European industry.

We are ECS partners for Italy. Lucente SpA locally manages the international facility management orders entrusted to the consortium

Europe-oriented experience innovation technological and sustainable

The greatest strength of the ECS solution is precisely its network of shareholders with whom we work in daily dialogue to offer customers competitive and quality services. This allows ECS to proactively manage its clients' facility operations and real estate portfolios, leveraging the local expertise of individual member countries, European experience and a strong focus on technological and sustainable innovation.