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At the service of sport, which has always been one of the main aggregators of community 

La Lucente offers technical and customized solutions in the management of sports facilities, from large stadiums to nearby sports facilities. We take care of all sports facilities, the safety of young and old athletes, the passion of fans and spectators. Thanks to its recognized experience and a sustainability-oriented approach, La Lucente supports sports facilities by optimizing costs, enhancing efficiency and ensuring the best possible comfort for the public and users. Our goal is to provide a global service that can respond efficiently and completely to the needs of a varied and demanding client and end users.

global service for your spaces

Among the numerous solutions, which can be activated individually or integrated, the considerable experience in stadium management stands out with services ranging from the cleaning of the stands to ordinary maintenance and post-event recovery. We make use of the technical support of expert and qualified personnel in the sports facilities sector, placing us in a prominent position in the sector for the quality and duration of our achievements. The greatest strength of La Lucente is the continuous commitment dedicated to the development of increasingly advanced technologies and to the introduction in its contracts of products of ever higher quality and sustainability for the management of sports facilities.

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managing glocal of the order

Thanks to our job chart and software implementation hundred, you will always have all the information you need available and an open and direct channel with us. Our attention to social and environmental issues will guarantee you an increasingly sustainable supply chain, starting with the choice of your partner for facility management.

Discover our new order management information system "CENTO".

CENTO is a software designed for service management. It contains in a single database, in addition to the management data, also information on the characteristics of the premises present within the various buildings and on the documents characterizing the management of the order.

Our core business is the facility management. We are the perfect partner for the management of your real estate assets in “Global Service"