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"La Lucente discount": discover the new welfare operation of La Lucente SpA

"La Lucente discount": discover the new welfare operation of La Lucente SpA

Increasing the purchasing power of employees and supporting local businesses: these are the objectives that La Lucente SpA sets for itself, putting in place a indirect corporate welfare, in collaboration with a network of selected and affiliated points of sale, where the employees of La Lucente SpA can take advantage of a dedicated discount.

After the success of the operation carried out in the Bari area in 2021 and extended for 2022, it was decided to extend the initiative also to the Turin area, another historical territorial context of reference for La Lucente SpA.

Turin is in fact the city in which La Lucente opened its first "different" branch, compared to the Bari-Modugno headquarters, back in 1980: the first city in northern Italy to host a branch of La Lucente SpA, right in the years in which the company began its run towards an important broadening of horizons, confronting itself with determination with the broader scenarios of a market that was no longer just local and southern, but national.

The promo, baptized “SHINY DISCOUNT”, started in January 2022, remaining valid until 31/12/2022.

“SHINY DISCOUNT” brings to Turin a proven dynamics on Bari, with the aim of increasing the purchasing power of the worker, going to expand and integrate our corporate welfare program. In recent years, – explains la Dr. Mariangela Silvestri, Personnel Director of La Lucente SpA – La Lucente SpA has strategically chosen to focus more and more on sustainability issues, understood not only as attention to ecology and the environment but also as corporate social responsibility, of which corporate welfare becomes an essential component.”

The points of sale participating in the initiative, in addition to guaranteeing a convenient service for those who will benefit from the agreement, have the advantage of taking advantage of a solution to increase sales and make a dynamic contribution to the market and consumption in an alternative and effective way. Here is the list of participating stores in Bari:

  • SUPER SHOE - Via G. Carulli no. 16, Bari (with an expected discount of 10%),
  • SPORTS E+ - Corso Cavour n.193, Bari (with an expected discount of 10%),
  • RUSH - Corso Cavour no. 189, Bari (with an expected discount of 10%),
  • BABY MOUSE - Via Francesco Crispi no. 42, Bari (with a discount of 15%),
  • BLACK28 CLOTHING – Via Archdeacon John n. 13/15, Bari (with a discount of 20%),
  • CITYMODA (with a discount of 10 + 5% on items from the new collections and a discount of 5% extra during the sales period, on promotional items. The participating offices are:
    • CITYMODA Bari – Via Melo n. 131,
    • CITYMODA Bari Santa Caterina – Traversa Martiri delle Foibe n. 6/4,
    • CITYMODA BariMax – Viale Francesco De Blasio,
    • CITYMODA Modugno – SS 96 km 115.353,
    • CITYMODA Toast – Viale Caduti of Via Fani,
    • CITYMODA Lecce– Via Gino De Sanctis,
    • CITYMODA Surat – S. Provincial Surano/Ruffano n. 172,
    • CITYMODA Matera – Loc. Venusio (MT) SS 99 Altamura/Matera Km 12.700.

About Turin:

  • SPORT ROOM – Via Onorato Vigliani n. 164, Turin (with an expected discount of 20%),
  • FIRST ENDURANCE – Via Madama Cristina n. 40, Turin (with an expected discount of 10%),
  • THE GOLDEN APPLE – Via San Francesco d'Assisi n. 27 (TO) (with an expected discount of 10%),
  • CONTIGO SHOES – Via Turin n. 118, Settimo, Turin (discounts provided for by 20% for the physical store and for the online store, insert the coupon lalucente20),
  • COLUCCIO PERFUMERY – Teresa Confalonieri square n. 2/D, Turin (discounts provided for by 10%,15% e 20%),
  • NEW JOLLY SPORT – Via Nice n. 53, Turin (discounts provided for by 10% al 30%),
    • Piazzale San Gabriele di Gorizia n.185, Turin,
    • Course Soviet Union n. 209, Turin (discounts available for both stores of 10%),
    • Piazza San Carlo no. 201, Turin,
    • Via Cernaia no. 38, Turin,
    • Via Vittorio Emanuele II no. 45, Chieri (TO),
    • Via Italy no. 47, Settimo Tse (TO),
    • Via Turin n. 44, Chivasso (TO),
    • Via Victims of Bologna n. 22 c/o CC Carrefour, Moncalieri (TO),
    • Via Caselle no. 74 c/o CC Carrefour, Leinì (TO) (discounts of 10% provided for all stores).

For shops interested in joining the initiative, it is possible to send an email to e

1024 768 Lucente SpA