The evolution of efficiency

CENTO is an innovative order management system: historicity, strength, efficiency, concreteness and a precious tradition, that of La Lucente SpA, projected towards the future.

La Lucente, with a view to continuous improvement of the services offered and work organization, has created a web platform, called CENTO, specially designed for the management of Facility Management orders.

This management information system, which can be interfaced as appropriate with other software platforms, represents the fundamental tool for the management and internal control of the activities covered by the contract.
It is therefore a software designed for the management of the service which contains in a single database, in addition to the management data, also information on the characteristics of the premises present within the various buildings and on the documents characterizing the management. A qualifying aspect of the software is the constant monitoring and updating of the entire order.

Annual Planning

Il Annual Planning Module allows you to view the planning of the activities that have been conceived in the work start-up phase for a year, displaying their location, frequency, type and week of intervention.

Furthermore, if necessary, it is possible to install monitors at the customer's sites which allow the performance of the service to be viewed in real time.