Registration in the special register of historical brands of the MISE crowns over 100 years of experience and tradition that have made La Lucente SpA a player of excellence at a national level.

The prestigious recognition bears witness to the dynamism and historicity of a company established as an Italian point of reference in cleaning and facility management.

History of the brand

The entrepreneurial history of the Company, which originated in 1922, is reflected in the company brand, registered in 1971 and presented to employees and customers, for the first time, on the occasion of the company's fiftieth anniversary celebrations, celebrated during the traditional exchange of greetings for the Christmas festivities of that 'year.

Giuseppe Volpe and La Lucente employees. Celebrations for the
Christmas 1971 at the offices in via Oriani 22 in Bari.

Document from 1937 with handwritten signature of the founder Mario Volpe

The current naming maintains part of that chosen by its founder Mario Volpe “The Shining. Company for the cleaning of glass, crystal, brass and floors”.

Augurale spread in 1971 on the occasion of the Christmas holidays. Launch of the new company logo to celebrate the 1972th anniversary of the company foundation in XNUMX.

The corporate logo, edited by a prestigious Milanese advertising graphics company of the time, is represented by an orange sun, to recall the vitality of southern Italy, the homeland of a company that those years it was establishing itself on a national level.