Maintenance building, plant and road construction

Management, management and maintenance of all utilities

The consolidated experience in the maintenance sector, at the service of various product sectors, even among the most complex, has taught us how hard services are essential to guarantee the longevity and efficiency of buildings and systems and infrastructures, as well as allowing the customer to have plannable and sustainable management costs.
We carry out ordinary and extraordinary maintenance work at our customers' internal and external construction sites, renovation of civil and industrial buildings, hydro-cleaning and hydro-sandblasting of facades and painting of various kinds, road maintenance, with personnel and equipment owned by us or in partnership. Structured and dedicated interventions for minute maintenance and small repairs (plumbing, electrical, furnishings and finishes, etc.), small masonry work and restoration of internal painting and small removals. All interventions are carried out in full compliance with the workplace and safety regulations, furthermore, the operators are equipped with the necessary PPE to contain risks. We study flexible packages of services based on adapted to the most specific needs and criticalities: in fact, services can be contracted ranging from simple on-demand intervention, to guaranteeing response times with various levels of urgency, up to the permanent supervision of technical personnel at the client's headquarters.

Maintenance and storage of buses and vehicles for the public transport

public transport maintenance

A complete suite of integrable services for the public transport

La Lucente has gained many years of experience in the entire transport and public mobility sector in the city, from cleaning to maintenance, with particular expertise in rail, bus and metro transport. Thanks to in-depth knowledge in the management of on-board services, we take care of passengers by making each environment efficient and attractive, safe and secure. A specialization in terms of dedicated personnel and management processes that reverberates in the quality of the services provided, in strict compliance with deadlines, in the scrupulous monitoring of each activity. Furthermore, we at La Lucente draw up ordinary and extraordinary intervention plans for the client, regular or agreed inspection visits. Through a maintenance plan tailored to customer needs, we proactively contribute to minimizing the risk of downtime due to unforeseen malfunctions and related costs.

Ours is one
managing glocal of the order

Thanks to our job chart and software implementation hundred, you will always have all the information you need available and an open and direct channel with us. Our attention to social and environmental issues will guarantee you an increasingly sustainable supply chain, starting with the choice of your partner for facility management.

Discover our new order management information system "CENTO".

CENTO is a software designed for service management. It contains in a single database, in addition to the management data, also information on the characteristics of the premises present within the various buildings and on the documents characterizing the management of the order.

Our core business is the facility management. We are the perfect partner for the management of your real estate assets in “Global Service"