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La Lucente SpA wins the second edition of the Apulian Sustainable Innovation Award, promoted by Confindustria Puglia

La Lucente SpA wins the second edition of the Apulian Sustainable Innovation Award, promoted by Confindustria Puglia

La Lucente SpA was awarded theApulian Sustainable Innovation Award 2022  is preferably used for  “Best environmental and social initiative of the year” with the Environmental Education Project for children "Creative recycling workshops - Santa Claus Village, Bari 2021.

The award, in its second edition, is promoted by Confindustria Puglia with the collaboration of Legambiente PugliaCnrFederchimicaUniversity of Bari-Department of ChemistryHarp Apulia and Dipar (Production District of the Environment and Reuse) and aims to enhance the Apulian companies that have been able to seize environmental challenges as an opportunity for economic and social development, contributing to the increase in the dissemination of good practices oriented towards sustainable development, in line with the 2030 Agenda.

Il Environmental education project for children "Creative recycling workshops - Christmas Village, Bari 2021" was an initiative created by La Lucente SpA, in collaboration with Cube Communication e theCultural Association Reading Cuddles, as part of the Company's Centenary Celebrations which include initiatives to spread the culture of sustainable growth among the scheduled activities.

In particular, the environmental education project saw the organization of eight laboratory activities aimed at children aged 3 to 8 in the city of Bari, with the involvement of the children of company employees and children of their own community, with the aim of guiding the little ones in a playful and interactive approach to respect and conservation of the environment.

The benchmarks and targets of the goals of the UN 2030 Agenda identifiable in the initiative were the following:

Goal 11. Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable, with a focus on reducing the negative per capita environmental impact of cities, air quality, and municipal and other waste management.

Goal 12. Ensuring sustainable patterns of production and consumption, with a focus on achieving sustainable management and efficient use of natural resources; substantially reduce waste generation through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse; make sure that all people, in every part of the world, have the relevant information and the right awareness of sustainable development and a lifestyle in harmony with nature.

Goal 13. Promote actions, at all levels, to combat climate change, with a particular focus on improving education, awareness, and human and institutional capacity regarding climate change mitigation, adaptation, impact reduction and early warning.

The Bari-based company, the longest established among the Italian companies active in the Global Service and Facility Management sector, recognized by the Ministry of Economic Development as Historic Mark of National Interest, has in fact decided to insert the laboratory activities in the framework of the "Village of Santa Claus" during the Christmas events organized by the Municipality of Bari, involving children, from an early age, with the aim of transmitting to them through play, the valuable concepts of a lifestyle that respects the environment and resources, teaching good practices to reduce waste and limit consumption, but also to develop love and respect for the environment.

The President of Confindustria Puglia, Sergio Fontana, underlined: “This award represents an opportunity to celebrate the excellent innovations of the Apulian territory and make sustainability the main lever of change for a more efficient, fair and secure future. An important recognition for all those innovations that demonstrate their contribution to significant reductions in environmental impacts and which stand out for the originality, replicability and potential of the project."

The activities were conceived and implemented by the Leggere Coccole Cultural Association, with professionals who deal with childhood education and training, through a series of play-educational activities on green and sustainability issues such as saving resources, circular economy, recycling and the ecological footprint.

The project, launched at the end of December 2021-beginning of January 2022, was communicated by La Lucente SpA through the official online channels (website and social network) and disseminated to the media with a press release. The initiative was reported by various newspapers.

“We are happy with this recognition – underlined the lawyer. Francesco Ressa, Director of La Lucente SpA, – attributed to our company in a special moment for us: the year in which we celebrate our centenary of uninterrupted activity. We are working with great focus on CSR issues and this translates into strategic choices capable of affecting the organization's plans in the short and medium term and of producing value, with a view to a path of sustainability as the main way to achieve future goals and objectives."

With this in mind, the company is about to publish its first Integrated Annual Report (IAR). IAR 2021 represents the natural continuation of a virtuous path that has always distinguished the company, whose activities have constantly taken into consideration the need to operate through an ethical and sustainable development model.

Furthermore, the choice also originates in the desire to converge towards an advanced reporting system capable of promoting full integration between financial reporting and the main ESG indicators of interest to Lucente and its stakeholders.

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