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La Lucente SpA runs for the environment

La Lucente SpA runs for the environment

From waste to resources: sneakers, balls and bike tires are transformed to become new energy and give life to a small urban forest.


La Lucente SpA is the technical partner of the initiative Running for the environment, a project of CBRE in collaboration with Cube Communication, which combines the values ​​of ecology with those of sport by involving the territory in a collective solidarity competition, in which everyone can contribute with a small gesture and become protagonists.

The start date of the project is not accidental: April 6th coincides with international day of sport for development and peace, a theme that in this historical period takes on a particularly important meaning and which, specifically, also touches on the topic of sustainability and solidarity. The CBRE shopping centers from which the initiative will start will be Grand Shopping Hot Air Balloon Molfetta, Hot Air Balloon Lecce and Metropolis of Novate.

Thanks to Running for the environment, for an entire year some types of waste that are difficult to recycle, such as sports shoes, balls and bicycle tyres, will be the subject of a virtuous initiative: a collection that will guarantee a positive impact on the environment.

A green corner will be set up in the gallery and, for an entire year, the aforementioned materials will be collected in specific containers. The project will follow the principle of the 3 Rs: reuse, recycling and recovery.

The first phase involves reuse: local associations will be able to recover the collected material that is still usable - footwear, in particular - and take care of distributing it to needy communities and individuals in the area.

The next two phases will be guaranteed by La Lucente SpA, an authorized technical partner and entity operating at a national level in the correct execution of the procedures established by the "Circular Economy". Waste will be collected separately, selected by type and destination, sent for recycling and, for the non-recyclable fraction, sent for certified energy recovery.

The project represents the execution of a good practice on several levels: a virtuous system between companies, sports, environmental and solidarity associations.


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