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Hygiene, sanitation and bacterial decontamination in the field hospital

High specialization for the well-being of patients and healthcare professionals

La Lucente provides a hygiene, sanitation and bacterial decontamination service for hospitals, clinics, public and private clinics, restoring clean places without contaminating agents for people. The experience gained and the various certifications obtained have led to the identification of methodologies appropriate to the various risk situations, capable of covering "low risk" areas (common or external areas, etc.) and "medium" and "high risk” such as hospital wards and operating theatres. Furthermore, in order to guarantee the highest levels of protection, in perfect coordination and in compliance with health protocols, we offer high-frequency intensive cleaning services to disinfect and sanitize the areas most subject to contact and heavy foot traffic through the combination of high technology and the choice of specific, effective and sustainable products. We aim to build a global project with our customers, integrating services that affect patients/users more or less closely, systematically favoring the human approach, given the context.

hospital sanitation

Professionalism and security at your service

In addition to the legislative and regulatory requirements inherent to healthcare and hospital activities, our approach to service provision takes into account the expectations legitimately expressed by patients/users and their relatives, for this reason the cleanliness of the premises and, in a broader sense, the hotel quality are the top priorities for the collective well-being of occupants and users. Our collaborators – trained, qualified and multidisciplinary – are distinguished by their high sense of commitment, guaranteeing services performed with great attention and care and adapting to the functional and organizational restrictions of the client with the aim of guaranteeing the best possible service. Our staff is trained and equipped with all PPE (personal protective equipment) for the risk to which they are exposed: masks, disposable gloves, disposable overalls, protective goggles. We operate through specialized teams that optimize times and increase the efficiency of the service.

Ours is one
management glocal of the order

Thanks to our job chart and software implementation hundred, you will always have all the information you need available and an open and direct channel with us. Our attention to social and environmental issues will guarantee you an increasingly sustainable supply chain, starting with the choice of your partner for facility management.

Discover our new order management information system "CENTO".

CENTO is a software designed for service management. It contains in a single database, in addition to the management data, also information on the characteristics of the premises present within the various buildings and on the documents characterizing the management of the order.

Our core business is the facility management. We are the perfect partner for the management of your real estate assets in “Global Service"