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Mario Volpe, founder of “La Lucente”

Mario Volpe, founder of “La Lucente”

An innovative idea of business

The appreciation and satisfaction of customers who enthusiastically welcome the possibility of "outsourcing" cleaning services (small shop windows and modest surfaces) are unanimous and soon translate into a significant growth in demand and expansion of the reference audience, creating not only the development of the firm's business but also new employment.

Il first generational change after the war

The post-war period greets the beginning of the first generational transition in favor of the enterprising young Giuseppe Volpe who begins to support his father Mario in his business with a contribution of new life and ideas that prove to have high added value. Also thanks to the post-war reconstruction and the consequent economic boom, in the 50s and 60s, the opportunity was created to gain a new and important slice of the market made up of the first small condominium communities to which cleaning services could be successfully offered.

Corso Vittorio Emanuele in Bari in the 50s

Under the guidance of Giuseppe Volpe, the company grew exponentially and, obeying its DNA, resumed with renewed vigor that process of innovation and transformation which would lead it to become the reality we know today: in 1968, the award of the first large public and private contracts and in 1972, fifty years after its birth, the transformation into a joint-stock company.

Hand in hand with the organization of work, the quality and variety of services offered and the evolution of the corporate form, the reference market grows which from local and private also becomes public and national until in 1980 it leads to the need for open a branch in Turin.

Giuseppe Volpe and the technical-administrative staff of La Lucente.
Celebrations for Christmas 1986 at the offices in via Oriani 22, Bari.

Keeping a strong rooting in the traditions and family values, Giuseppe Volpe manages the company for seventy years

Giuseppe Volpe imprints on his organization the founding values ​​such as responsibility, loyalty, transparency and foresight. Its management owes the brilliant entrepreneurial intuitions that have guaranteed La Lucente the consolidation within an increasingly challenging and competitive market up to safely ferrying it to the second generational handover in 2019 in favor of the children, who have also joined the company at a young age and raised under the careful guidance of their father. We owe them the structured push towards a conscious path of innovation that has positioned La Lucente among the most competitive and reliable companies in the Italian Facility Management sector.

La Lucente SpA is a historic brand of national interest