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civil cleaning and sanitation

Cleaning, disinfections and specialist sanitation in the civil sector

Multi-service cleaning

Quality, sustainability and digitization

Since 1922 La Lucente has been operating in the cleaning and sanitation sector, making use of highly specialized personnel, the most up-to-date skills and certifications, together with highly specialized machinery, tools and equipment. The range of design/organizational solutions that we offer is varied, simple and clear, aimed at allowing the continuity of the client's work activities in clean, sanitized and disinfected environments.
La Lucente is thus able to offer a service with high quality standards, with a specific focus on the sustainability and digitization of the order management and control systems, with a continuous focus on satisfying the client's expectations.

Order management e improvement continuous

The Company's many years of experience has led to the definition of a specific territorial coordination organizational structure for the management of tenders, which represents the element of connection and filter with the management and control functions. The collaborators of La Lucente SpA are one of the fundamental assets for the achievement of the objectives. The continuous improvement of the service offered through the adoption of a strategy attentive to the rapid reading of the needs of the market, has led to the provision of services characterized by integrated profiles of economy and sustainability. Furthermore, for the Company, training is the central tool for raising the level of knowledge and competence necessary to maintain the right level of competitiveness on the market.

Ours is one
management glocal of the order

Thanks to our job chart and software implementation hundred, you will always have all the information you need available and an open and direct channel with us. Our attention to social and environmental issues will guarantee you an increasingly sustainable supply chain, starting with the choice of your partner for facility management.

Discover our new order management information system "CENTO".

CENTO is a software designed for service management. It contains in a single database, in addition to the management data, also information on the characteristics of the premises present within the various buildings and on the documents characterizing the management of the order.

Our core business is the facility management. We are the perfect partner for the management of your real estate assets in “Global Service"