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Quality, certifications and ratings

La Lucente considers it essential, for the development of its activities, to pay particular attention to the quality of processes and services, the prevention of corruption, hygiene and safety in the workplace, the health of workers, environmental protection, respect for human rights.

The need to constantly monitor the quality of the services provided is accompanied by the desire to fully satisfy the expectations and needs of our public and private customers. For this reason, La Lucente makes use of a multidisciplinary team of excellence, which operates by applying a certified quality, environmental, safety and social responsibility management system, as demonstrated by the list of certifications present in the Company's SG portfolio.

  • Certifies the organization's ability to consistently deliver products and services that meet customer legal and regulatory requirements. It aims to improve customer satisfaction through the effective application of the system, ensuring compliance of the activities carried out with the requirements of the reference standard.

  • It certifies the high standards for occupational health and safety, in line with current regulations.

  • It certifies the environmental performance of the activities and services that the organization determines it can control or influence, considering a life cycle perspective, realizing the combination between Risk Assessment and Environmental Management Systems, respecting all the mandatory requirements (D .Lgs. 81/08 and subsequent amendments) and the standards defined by voluntary regulations.

  • Voluntary instrument created by the European Community in favor of the environment with the aim of contributing to the achievement of sustainable economic development. It demonstrates the organization's willingness to evaluate and improve its environmental performance and to provide the public and other interested parties with information about its environmental management.

  • International standard developed by the American organization Social Accountability International with the aim of guaranteeing optimal working conditions and sustainable development, with particular attention to social issues. SA8000 is based on principles suggested by international references on human and workers' rights, such as those reported in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, in the United Nations Conventions on the Rights of the Child and on Discrimination against Women, in the ILO conventions (International Labor Organization).

  • Standard that offers organizations management strategies that aim to lead to an increase in energy efficiency. Specifies the requirements for organizing systems and processes aimed at the continuous improvement of energy efficiency, with the primary objectives of bringing economic benefits to organizations deriving from lower energy consumption and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to the community.

  • It is the European standard also implemented at the Italian level which defines the requirements for the management and control of infestations (pest management) and the skills that must be possessed by professional service providers in order to protect public health, property and the environment. The standard takes into consideration all aspects and all phases of service delivery, starting from the first contact with the customer, passing through the design of the service delivery method, the estimates, the actual disinfestation activity, arriving at the evaluation the effectiveness of the interventions.

  • Certification that regulates the basic requirements and recommendations for quality measurement systems for cleaning and sanitation performance. It provides for the measurement of the service provided, thanks to a process control system to verify the correct application of the methodology, procedures, operating instructions, as well as the customer's requirements.

  • It certifies the management system for the prevention of corruption, which favors the growth of a culture of transparency and integrity on the one hand and the development of effective measures to prevent and deal with corruption phenomena on the other.

  • It concerns the construction, maintenance or renovation through the punctual building interventions necessary to carry out any human activity, direct or indirect, complete with the necessary structures, electromechanical, electrical, telephone and electronic systems and finishes of any type as well as any related works , complementary and ancillary.

  • European Seal of Environmental Excellence on Services. It connotes companies that promote a circular economy with particular attention to the environment.

  • Monitoring system that allows companies to manage risks and incorporate eco-innovations into global logistics chains by improving their environmental and social practices.

  • Lucente SpA has obtained recognition of a legality rating of three stars (maximum score) from the Competition and Market Authority. It is a summary indicator of companies' compliance with high standards of legality.